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Our heritage

In Romania years ago, in almost every house countryside women were making beautiful wool carpets, blankets and kilims. This tradition is almost estinguished and now there are only few places where the Romanian rugs are still making.

We are founding in the villages those rugs very special as design, some of them very rare and old, some of them in danger to be destroyed or we are buying from people who still have in their dowry chests ans also from the small artisans who are not able to sell their products directly and to encourage them to continue.

In the same time, we are continuing our activity of making people aware that this is an endangered tradition and encouraging them to include these beautiful rugs in their homes. We had a serie of events in an Art Gallery in Bucharest where wer invited people from press, TV, bloggers, actors and public figures, but also friends and family and anyone was willing to know our story. Our story and mission was sustained by cultural communities and mass media and we hope this will help also the artisans to continue their activity.

In majority our rugs are vintage ones, eventough almost in perfect condition, as people kept them in ther dowry chests. We have few very old and rare which make them even more valuable.

Until we will open our own atelier where our grandma can teach young girls to continue the tradition of handwoven rugs, we are collecting the rugs from the communities, especially from the village where my family lives, this is why we know precisely who made each of them, but also we encourage the artisans from other regions of Romania, so you can find also capsule collections from Maramures or Arad, from local artisans, with the models specific to that area.

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