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Authentic Romanian handmade carpets and decorative items

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All carpets are unique, handmade from wool thread on cotton base. Their age can reach over 100 years, those of you who decide to take them into your homes will acquire a woven story, a part of the history and skills of women from the villages of Romania.

Testimonials and Inspiration

Don't know how to integrate the carpet in your place? 
Are you courious about how they are hand made and how to mentain them?

We invite you to check our Testimonials and Blog&Inspiration to find new designs for your home.

Small items easy to integrate

A carpet is too large to integrate?
Do you want something small to go along with your carpet?
Check our small item collections.

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Made with love ro SRL, 10 Tuberozelor str, Voluntari, Romania

Tel: +40746196482

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