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Where the enchanted carpets traveled, taking the Romanian tradition across seas and countries

Because Made with love Romania wants to be not just a store where you can buy authentic Romanian carpets, but also an ambassador of our tradition, of the beautiful and authentic Romanian heritage, we present here destinations where these woven wonders end up, where they went to beautify the houses and bring hapiness to the hearts and joy to the eyes of those who look at them and love them!

Our first carpet, from which it was extremely difficult for us to get apart, went to a house and to a dear new mistress, who encouraged and supported us since beginning and to whom we want to thank. To alleviate our longing, he receives us from time to time in the house from Mogosoaia, where we seduce her with other beautiful models, which we pose in those wonderful settings, a sign that the mistress has eyes for beauty and an open door for us . Below is the picture with the carpet that found its place in Mogosoaia. This model is called “basket of flowers”and it’s coming from sunny South Romania. We have quite often this bohemian carpet in our collection, with black, blue or turquoise background and multicolored flowers.

Also from our collection came other handwoven wonders. A wonderful red runner rug with a delicate floral pattern specific to Oltenia, took the road from France, to someone nostalgic for his childhood spent in southern Romania. Also to France, this time in Paris, an old carpet with beautiful roses went, to find a place of honor and to represent us in a purely Parisian setting.

At a stone's throw, across the Channel, he decided to represent us our zig-zag pattern carpet. No wonder, its gorgeous colors perfectly fitted the London style!

Because it is the obvious preference for Romanian carpets of those from the country of Rodin, Voltaire and Monet, the beautiful white carpet with flowers in colors that mesmerizes you, electric blue and the dizzying fuchsia, coming from Tara Oasului, arrived safely in a house where it will be a reason for joy and many discussions about Romania. We don't say it, but even the mistress of the house.

We gladly invite you to follow us and, if you feel that you have found your favorite among the dozens of authentic Romanian carpets, we will be happy to send it to you, to charm your soul and eyes.

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