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Our interview for Marie Claire Maison France

Celebrating a Spotlight in Marie Claire Maison France: Our Exclusive Interview

In the month of May 2023, a remarkable milestone graced our journey as we had the immense honor of being featured in Marie Claire Maison France. It is with great excitement and pride that we share the highlights of our exclusive interview, an extraordinary opportunity that not only allowed us to share our story but also propelled us to the coveted homepage of the magazine's online edition.

As avid readers and enthusiasts of Marie Claire, we have long admired its arctivity and unwavering dedication to curating exceptional designs and inspiring narratives. To have our voices resonate within the pages of this renowned publication is truly a dream come true.

During our captivating interview, we delved deep into our design philosophy, recounting the origins of our story, and discussing the values that shape our day to day work.

With immense gratitude and enthusiasm, we invite you to join us on our journey as we reflect upon our experience in Marie Claire Maison France. In this article, we will encapsulate the essence of our interview, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of our philosophy, our motivations, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

So, come, wander through the virtual pages of our blog as we embark on this exciting adventure, reliving the moment that Marie Claire Maison France honored us with their platform. We invite you to be a part of our story and join us in celebrating this extraordinary milestone in our creative pursuit. The article below:

1. Tell me about the story of Made with love Romania?

Years ago, in almost every house in rural Romania, women were making beautiful wool carpets, most of them for the wedding dowry of their daughters. This tradition is almost extinguished and only a few women continue to weave rugs.

We are finding in the villages those rugs very special as design, some of them very rare and precious, cleaning and restoring them and giving to those beauties a new life. Our customers have a large variety of Romanian and Moldavian carpets to choose and to include in their homes. We have our own online shop with worldwide delivery and also, we are present in many boutiques in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and in online marketplaces specialised in vintage and antiques.

2. How long has this company been around?

The company was found in 2019, so just before the pandemic. We had an official launch in October 2019 when we had a serie of events in an Art Gallery in Bucharest where were invited people from press, TV, actors and public figures, but also friends and family and anyone was willing to know our story. From the beginning, the puropose was not only commercial, but also an activity of making people aware that this handicraft is an endangered tradition that we need to protect and encourage.During the time, the story and mission of Made with love Romania was sustained by cultural communities and mass media in Romania and abroad and we hope this will continue, of course

3. What is your company specialisation?

We are specialised in vintage carpets and decorative items made by hand in Romania, very bohemian as design, with colors and rich floral patterns. It is a very popular style embraced worldwide and we are happy to have clients all around the globe, from Australia to US, from France to Japan and so on.

4. Tell me about your products, how are they designed?

Well, the designers were the makers herselves, the women that made those colorful carpets in their homes using the nature as inspiration. So we will see many flowers on those bohemian carpets, sometimes mixed with geometrical design, also animals and birds for nature sceneries.

5. What are the materials used?

The material is mainly wool, the main yarn for all our carpets. Sometimes mixed with cotton, hemp or other matterials, but in majority is sheep wool.

6. What are the different sizes?

They come in different sizes, but the most common is around 160X 220 cm for those made in the household looms and 200X300 cm for those made in the vertical large looms. The first size is the most popular, which is a perfect for the flats’ sizes from everywhere and is obviously the most sold during the years.

7. Do you have values ​​that you share with your customers?

Of course! Our main values are authenticity and the respect for our cultural patrimony. Living in a modern world and blending in it also our heritage and history defines who are we and which is our path as humans. We also encourage cultural and esthetic diversity and tollerance, I think those vallues make us better human beings overall. 😊

8. Tell me about your plans for this year?

To continue our mission and to do it better and better. We are a familly company, my grandma used to make carpets and she is still helping time to time, I was raised in this tradition, my nephew is also part of the team. So we want to spread the news more and more and even more people to have a beautiful Romanian and Moldavian carpet in their homes..

Read the article in the original form as published on Marie Claire Maison France, here.

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